Solutions & Services


Solutions & Services

Image Composite Slab / Thermal Insulation Level Raising System Intensive Green Roof Green Wall Geotextile/Others Extensive Green Roof Light Weight Green Roof Indoor Greenery Fire Engine Access Grass Paver Slope Protection Tree Root Protection Detention Tank Bioswale Rain Water Harvesting Tank Dimpled Drainage Sheets Rooftop Waterproofing Swimming Pool Pond Liner Metal Roof Waterproofing Cementitious Waterproofing Carpark Waterproofing

Urban Greenery

Urban Greenery creates conducive living environments for the community with greening solutions on building rooftops and facades.


Managing scarce natural resources such as water and the earth to ensure the long-term sustainability and persistence of an ecosystem.

Green Engineering

We complement our portfolios with a range of Green Engineering products for insulating / isolating requirements in building works.


Protecting building envelopes by making it impervious to water to maintain its longevity and integrity, leads to a conducive living and working environment.